About Us

Supreme Digital Imaging Solutions LLC prides itself on being able to provide the most innovative digital technology at at the most economical price in the Veterinary and Chiropractic industries.   With over 15 years of Veterinary specific capital equipment sales, SDIS is the best choice when it comes to understanding the needs of today’s  Veterinarian.  We sell a broad portfolio of affordable digital and cryo products that all Veterinarians need, eliminating the middlemen and saving you A LOT of money over our competition.

SDIS has recently expanded it’s digital imaging portfolio by providing the Chiropractic market with the best DR technology on the market and Made in USA products.   MedicatechUSA.com is based in Irvine, CA and not only provides our customers with the most innovative DR technology available, but also the very best customer service and tech support in both the Vet and Chiro industries.  Medicatech USA utilizes best-in-class user friendly Voyance software for acquisition, viewing, analysis, storage, and retrieval.  Check out the SW demo videos below for both the Vet and medical side.